How to get a sustainable development?

1.- Revitalize growth, keep it active. Increase the growth in countries in development.

2.- Change the quality of our development to a better distribution of incomes and to reduce the vulnerability to an economic crisis.

3.-Satisfy the essential human needs. They must hace a job, energy (wood), Home, water, medical attention, structure, etc.

4.-Insurance for a certain population for future growth.


IMG_00585.- Keep and increase the resources we have by making political changes to the current consumption levels in various countries in different stages of development.

6.- New orientation for technology and the risk control to find a connection between the human kind and nature. Innovation and new technologies in developed countries as well.

7.- Take economy and the environment as one in every decision its taken with the intention of a change in the attitude and objectives if institutions in various levels; taking into consideration the economic and ecologic order in the making of decisions.



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