A Sustainable future

The future of our planet is currently on a sustainable development. But what is a sustainable development? A sustainable development, satisfies our needs in the present without meaning a commitment to future generations and their capacity to satisfy theirs.

DSCN4216Anything that’s sustainable has its own conscious, it takes into consideration developed countries and countries in development. It understands that anything that happen in any place around the world affects the rest and that there are real consequences.

The sustainable development is the proposal of a progressive transformation of economy and society as it takes into consideration the effects this could have in politics and different businesses because of the restriction of resources. Its main target is to satisfy human needs and ideas leading to a physic sustainability that is worried about social equality among generations.

For obvious reasons, countries that are still in development have a bigger change of fronting an ecological crisis. The sustainable growing happens at the same time of the economic growing, a larger number of people, more resources are needed and we have to take into consideration that the technology we have today also has a repercussion besides helping. The economic growth and development also have an impact in ecosystems.

For the effects of sustainability to be noticeable and not only the overuse of resources, it’s necessary to plan strategies, work in team, crear laws and make a fair distribution of the resources that are not being overused, because when any system approaches ecologic limits, differences have bigger impacts in people with a lack of resources.



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