“When the world works as one”



There’s no one or anything that’s completely independent. Different organizations around the world know this well and work together towards conflicts or situations, like reducing the damaging effects of fossil fuel or ensuring the air quality. There’s no living being that is independent of its surroundings and no environment is independent of its components.

Mexico became in the first country in development that its commitment to take actions against climate change after 2020 at CMNUCC.

The secretary of Natural Resources and Environment, Juan Jose Guerra, and the secretary of External Relationships, Jose Antonio Meade, announced Mexico’s commitments to reduce and adapt to climate change during 2020 to 2030, when 25% of the gases producing their green house effect will reduce, other toxic gases, like carbon, will reduce in a 22% and others like nitrous oxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons, are expected to reduce in a 40%.

As part of their commitment for 2030 about adaptation towards the impact of climate change, the plan includes having a bigger capacity in the most vulnerable 160 municipalities and no deforestation.

This is why I believe that working together will help not only our environment but also our world in general. We should take advantage of the fact that we live in a globalized world so we should take care of each other as the global community that we are.


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