How Big Is Your Eco-Footprint?

We know it’s hard to know which our footprint is.

So we’ll leave you this quiz, that we found of the book “365 Ways to Live Green” by Diane Gow MicDilda.

We hope it helps you:


So, just how “green” are you?

Most people want to tread lightly on the planet, but they really aren’t sure how big an impact they are making. If you are curious to see if you are a help or hindrance to the planet, take this quiz and find out.

Just pick the answer that best suits your lifestyle.

How often do you recycle?

a) I am a recycling nut. I recycle everything I can: paper, aluminum, printer cartridges, you name it.

b) I recycle when it’s convenient as long as it doesn’t require any excessive thought or effort on my part.

c) I don’t have the time or the patience to recycle. I’m a busy person.

Do you use recycled products?

a) I try to reduce what I need, but when I do have to make purchases, I opt for recycled products when ever possible.

b) If I remember to look for the recycle triangle logo, I will usually buy that product.

c) So that’s what they’re doing with all the stuff other people recycle?

How many of your appliances have the energy star label?

a) Every single one of them that’s available with Energy Star Label. I only bury products that are energy-efficient.

b) When I’m out shopping, I look for Energy Star Label. I try to purchase efficient appliances, but I won’t sacrifice what I ultimately want.

c) I buy the appliances I want and need regardless or whether they’re efficient. If there’s an Energy Star Label on one of my appliances, it’s pure coincidence.

How much of your house is made form sustainable materials?

a) My entire house is made of recycled or sustainable materials. In fact, it is LEED certified.

b) My house wasn’t built using sustainable materials, but every time I renovate, I use sustainable and recycled materials.

c) I leave all the purchasing decisions to the builders. If they want to use sustainable or recycle materials, they can, It doesn’t matter to me.

Do you use any form of renewable energy in your home?

a) I purchase renewable energy from the local utility that’s generated from landfill gas. Otherwise, I’d have a windmill or solar cells.

b) I’m evaluating different options. My local utility just started a renewable energy option. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it. I’m also looking at adding solar cells to the house.

c) I think I heard something about the local utility using renewable energy, but I think it costs more, so I don’t think I’ll sign up for it.


How often to do you eliminate car trips?

a) I don’t own a car. My primary means of transportation are my feet. My bike, and mass transit.

b) I try to eliminate at least one car trip a day by riding my bike or walking. I also try to carpool when car trip are really necessary.

c) My car is an extension of me. I wouldn’t think of using any other kind of transportation.

How often do you eat meat?

a) I really don’t eat meat. On rare occasions, I’ll have a taste.

b) I eat it regularly, buy I try to buy local meat raised organically.

c) I eat meat like Cookie Monster eats cookies.

What kind of seafood do you eat?

a) I rarely eat seafood, but when I do, it’s usually clams or mussels.

b) I eat seafood every couple of weeks, and it’s usually shrimp that’s been caught in the wild or farmed in the United States.

c) I love Atlantic halibut flounder and eat it every chance I get.

What kind of pet do you have?

a) I got two dogs form the local animal shelter. I got my cat from a purebred rescue group.

b) My dog came form the animal shelter, but I really wanted a purebred cat with papers, so I bought from a breeder.

c) I checked, but my local animal shelter didn’t have Amazon parrots, so I went online. I had a boa constrictor, but it got big so I let it go.



For every A answer, give yourself 2 points.

For every B answer, give yourself 1 point.

For every C answer, give yourself 0 points.



20 to 15 points You have a petite and delicate footprint. Earth needs more inhabitants like you.

14 to 9 points Your footprint shows potential. Jus a few more eco-friendly acts and you’ll be reducing your shoe size.

8 to 0 points Your footprint rivals that of Sasquatch. You are hereby challenged to stop stomping around on the planet.


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